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Email for music lessons: [email protected]

Text or Call: 281-624-8130

Email for St. Mary's Academy: 

[email protected]

Gregorian Chant

Catholic Music/Gregorian Chant Lessons

The "Square Notes" workbook is required for each child taking lessons. This workbook covers 2 semesters of lessons.

Skype will be used for the lessons and assignments will be emailed or texted to and from the instructor.

These lessons are a great way for your entire family to learn Gregorian Chant, the hymns of the Catholic Church for various feasts throughout the Liturgical Year, and also serve as a great introduction to music. As well as Gregorian Chant, the lessons also include:

  • Music Theory (the "grammar" of music)xted
  • Aural Skills (the "diction" of music and the development of your music listening skills)
  • Sight-Singing (or the ability to sing a melody without hearing it first)
  • Solfege (the "Do-re-mi" system and how to use it)
  • Singing in Harmony
  • and more…

If you'd like to add more hymns and songs to your lessons we also suggest adding more voice materials which will be available once you start lessons.

Other materials that are used during these lessons are available at the links below:

The Instructor

 Miss Kirstie Bruno studied Gregorian chant under a religious sister who studied at the Pius X School of Liturgical Music in the 1950’s. As part of the resurgence of liturgical music called for by Pope Saint Pius X this college was founded in 1916 “by Justine Ward, who had developed teaching methods for Gregorian chant emulating the techniques of the monks in Solesmes, and by Mother Georgia Stevens, RSCJ, a musician and Roman Catholic nun.”

For more info see the About Us page.