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Email for music lessons: [email protected]

Text or Call: 281-624-8130

Email for St. Mary's Academy: 

[email protected]

K personal

          Miss Bruno is an enthusiastic young teacher who shares her love of music with her students. She has been exposed to music from a young age, singing in church choirs and playing in bands and orchestras. Miss Bruno has a Bachelor's degree in Music (piano is her primary instrument) with a minor in Piano Pedagogy and a certificate in music composition. She is currently studying for a Masters degree in Music Education from Boston University.

           Miss Bruno‚Äôs musical studies include: Music Theory, Pedagogical Studies, Aural Skills, Music Appreciation, Music Composition, Ear Training, Sight-Singing, Sight-Reading, Gregorian Chant, Applied Piano Lessons, Applied Violin Lessons, Applied Clarinet Lessons, Music History, Conducting, Ensemble/Concert Band/Orchestra.

           Miss Bruno has received awards for her performances on clarinet, violin and piano, has played at the Summer Strings Institute hosted by the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Washington D.C. and at Jones Hall as a member of the Gulf Coast Concert Band.

From the teacher...

I encourage a positive teaching and learning environment in my studio in many ways but particularly by adapting the material being taught to teach individual student, by helping my students set their own goals and by inspiring my students to practice through games and fun assignments.

I believe that each student learns things in a unique manner and so I adapt the material I cover to best suit their needs. I use many different resources to teach and my collection is constantly growing. All my students are taught the same musical concepts but I find creative ways to help each of them understand; some use worksheets, others games, others need me to demonstrate, others like to research on their own. I convey the information to each of them in whatever manner is best for them.

I help my students to set their own goals rather than force them to do what I want. I ask my students what they would like to learn during the year and I give them suggestions as to what is best for them. Ultimately, though, it is the student and their family who defines what main areas they are interested in studying.

I love working with all ages. Each age group learns at a different pace and in a different manner so I enjoy learning the best ways to encourage musical growth for all ages.