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Email for music lessons: [email protected]

Text or Call: 281-624-8130

Email for St. Mary's Academy: 

[email protected]

St. Mary's Academy

Please contact Miss Carissa ([email protected]) if you are interested in her next session!

The Instructor

Miss Carissa Bruno is a Traditional Catholic who was homeschooled for all of her education from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She received her B.A. in Natural Sciences/ Mathematics. She studied Latin in grade school, high school, and college. In addition to teaching math, English, and Latin, Miss Carissa really enjoys teaching sessions about Our Blessed Mother, the Holy Angels, the saints, different seasons in the Liturgical Year, etc. She looks forward to sharing her love of these subjects with others.

Private Math, English, or Latin Tutoring with Miss Carissa (One Semester)

Live Sessions for 30 minutes per week for a semester (13 weeks).


• Live video sessions are held one time per week. These sessions are 30 minutes in length.

• Assignments will be shared online.

• Tuition is for one family per level/subject!

• Each student must have a copy of the corresponding student book.

Class Times:

• Class times are TBD upon student registration.

Please note: this is a commitment for the student as well as the instructor. Lesson times once established are committed to for the entire term.

In the comments, please enter your email address and phone number. Also please enter the name and age of your child. Please put their grade level and the current curriculum they are using.

One Time Semester Payment

This option is for a one time payment for the entire semester (13 weeks).


Automatic Monthly Payments

This option is for 4 automatic monthly payments over the semester (13 weeks).



Saints' Session - The Fourteen Holy Helpers (Part 1)

Study of seven of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (the other seven will be in another session)

This is a 7-8 week term starting in September.

All ages are welcome to participate!

In this class the student will learn:

• Vocabulary (study the more difficult words in the readings)

• Reading Comprehension (complete exercises which help the student understand what happened in the readings)

• Catechism (memorize Catechism questions concerning topics covered in the readings) and/or Sacred Scripture (read parts of Sacred Scripture which are suggested by the book material)

• Catholic Practices and Prayers (learn different practices to do and memorize different Catholic prayers)

• Geography (map out the saint’s travels/location)


• Live video sessions are held each week and assignments will be shared online.

• This term is 7-8 weeks.

• Sessions are about 30 minutes in length.

• Tuition is $45 per family per class and is due before the first class.

• Tuition is for all students in one family!

Days/Times of classes: TBD

Session Payment and Registration

To register please fill out the information below. It will take you to the checkout.

The session is $45/per family.

Phone Number
Student(s) Name(s) and DOB(s)