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Why Study Music?

Music is often considered a form of expression that transcends words. It is a form of entertainment that can simply provide enjoyment or relaxation but can also be used to portray different ideas. Below are some of the benefits of studying music.

Studying music:

  • helps young children with phonics and early language skills
  • aids in language education by helping the brain to form connections between aural perceptions and verbal meanings
  • improves test scores
  • increases understanding of others viewpoints and ideas
  • teaches how to listen closely before we do anything else
  • strengthens cognitive skills
  • encourages a positive mood
  • improves recognition skills
  • helps us see the whole picture as well as the fine details
  • boosts creative thinking
  • strengthens mathematical skills

A web search on the benefits of music will bring millions of results but here are a few articles to start.

Below is a wonderful info-graphic outlining some of the benefits of studying music. (This chart focuses on piano.)